Today we'd like to announce the departure of Firestar from our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. We'd like to thank Firestar for his time on the roster as well as his astounding effort and commitment to this team, he will be missed.

Welcoming Nula.

Please join us in welcoming the newest addition to the Nfinite Counter-Strike roster Luke Nula Schleifer. Luke will be competing with the roster for the remainder of the ESEA season, we're excited to really show the talent of our CS roster, we feel as an organization and a team that this was the right decision for us moving forward, we're aiming to show it in our upcoming league matches. 

Vince's Thoughts.

"We felt that the team would be able to get better practice due to scheduling issues and what we felt was needed in order to succeed this season and achieve our overall goals, the communication as a whole felt like it wasn't there at time and led to mis-plays during crucial moments. Seeing this as a potential risk during the beginning of acquiring Firestar before the start of the season, we felt it was just more or less working out eh communication and developing it as a team, however as time passed we felt we were on separate pages in game. He has great play making abilities and intelligence surrounding the game, he would serve well on any roster. we felt that for this team the necessary change that was needed for us to move forward.

Nula, we feel bring more to the table in the area of communication area and fits our schedule to put in the consistent practice we aim to have for the remainder of the season. We truly wish Firestar the best of luck in the future and hope he succeeds in his future endeavors and we're excited to move forward playing with Nula and are looking to come out swinging in our next game of the season."