We're very excited to announce the addition of two brand new content creators to the Nfinite fold. please welcome Amanda 'kAMANDAboom' and Donny 'Marth' Almeida. Both of these creators caught our eye not only because of their extreme talent but also their desire to grow their respective communities as well as the Halo community at large. We look forward to creating awesome new content for the Nfinite community and supporters. 

What Amanda Had to Say.

"Hi, my name is Amanda, but i have gone under the alias kAMANDAboom for over 11 years now. I am a long time competitive halo player who has gone to over 20 major LAN events. I turned to streaming over three years ago and I would like to grow and expand my relaxed & supportive community. I aspire not only to entertain but to create a safe, welcoming place for people to relax. Nfinite is a good fit for me because we hold some of the same core values, I agree with their ambitions, and I am excited to see them grow. Watch me at mixer.com/kAmandaBoom"


Donny's Thoughts.

“I've wanted to stream ever since I first saw Ninja doing Halo 3 1v1s on justin.tv but never had the self confidence & I still struggle sometimes to turn the stream on but I still am excited for this journey & meeting new people. Halo and video games has been part of my life ever since I was about four years old or so but being able to make a career out of this would be a highlight of my life. 


Besides Halo, I also enjoy playing League of Legends just as much! On top of this I'm also currently going to school for Cyber Security. My goals while pursuing my degree is to dedicate time to growing within both Halo & League of Legends but to also grow with Nfinite and makes some friends along the way. I hope to find myself one day amongst the top professional teams in either game, I plan on dedicating a ton of time to getting better & improving myself and my stream which you can find at twitch.tv/MarthHalo.


With joining this organization I truly feel positive about Nfinite. I always told myself I'd stay away from orgs but I can tell how genuine Preston “Redghost” and the community are, with that being said, I'm very eager to begin my journey with Nfinite.


I want to give a shoutout to Ayden “Suspector”. He's one of my day ones and Ayden is always there in the background supporting me as a friend when my otherwise closest friends weren’t. He’s always got encouraging and inspiring things to say in and out of game and I admire him greatly."

We can't wait for future collaborations with both Amanda and Donny. We hope you show them some love whenever they're live! #AndBeyond