Today we'd like to announce another addition to Nfinite. We're huge fans of the fighting games community and after our entry into the community with Super Smash Brothers we decided we wanted to venture further. With that being said we'd like to announce our entry into Tekken 7!

Welcome Fuzo.

Please welcome Blake 'Fuzo' Fuzowski to the Nfinite banner! We're beyond excited to have him representing us and our growing community. We can't wait to support him going into 2020 and beyond!

Fuzo's Thoughts.

“My name is Blake Fuzowski go by Fuzo for short. I’ve been competing in Tekken now for about 2 years. My first ever event being DreamHack 2017 where I took 65th out of about 300 people. I’ve the past few years I’ve had the most amazing opportunity to collaborate with not only some of my idols, but also now some very good friends in the Tekken community. I spent the better part of 2017-2018 teaming with the likes of SperoGin, Pokchop, Trungy and Jio. I am extremely excited to join Nfinite because I know with my personality and with the practice I have put in I can not only help bring this organization to the spotlight but I will represent well and perform at every event to the best of my ability. It’s a true honor to be picked up and in 2020 I plan to take the Tekken scene by storm! We are going beyond all 2020 and there will be no stopping the future


We're very excited for some Nfinite Tekken action come 2020. #AndBeyond