Today marks our second announcement of the week and it's a two part one!

The First Announcement!

First, we're announcing our push to bring relatively small streamers and content creators into the Nfinite fold. This is our way of reaching out out to the multiple gaming communities that we support and will continue to support for the foreseeable future to give opportunities for those to grow with Nfinite! This is something we've been working on in silence for months now. We're excited to announce The And Beyond Initiative!

Our goal with the initiative is to find smaller streamers that share Nfinite's values and add them to our growing list of content creators, we hope to give them goals to strive for whether it's a sub count, follower count or viewer count and incentives/help to reach those goals.

Announcement Number Two.

While crafting the initiative we've kept our eyes out for and reach out to any creators we thought would fit the bill, these creators impressed us with the versatility in their content as well as their ability to reach out to those supporting them.

Welcome Cahpree.

With all this being said, please welcome Nick 'Cahpree' as the first And Beyond Initiative member! Cahpree is a variety streamer, he isn't afraid to stream the games he enjoys while having fun and really interacting with his audience. He truly has impressed us with his content and we hope that all of you will come to enjoy it as well. 

Some Words From Cahpree.

"Hi, my name is Nick! You can call me Cahpree. I'm also from Cleveland, Ohio and yes, I am a Browns fan so if you want, you can feel bad for me. I love to stream, entertain people and make as many people happy as possible! I usually stream Call of Duty and Fortnite, but I'm always open to try game you recommend. You can find my streams at, come hangout!"