Today, we are proud to announce an important addition to our Halo roster.

Welcome R3VAMP.

We'd like to welcome R3VAMP as the general manager and coach of the Nfinite Halo team! After Atlantic City we came together as a team & ultimately decided it'd be best for the team to bring on a coach and a general manager, after talking with R3VAMP and letting him figure out his plans for competing we decided he'd be the perfect fit for the job.


R3VAMP has experience competing in Halo at a professional level, he also has experience building top tier teams. For this reason we figured he would be a perfect fit.

What Will He Do?

Along with the obvious job of keeping times for the team on stage at events, R3VAMP will be involved in building the team and he'll be making sure the team is getting the right practice. 

This is the first addition to our new Halo roster, alongside Michael 'Falcated' Garcia we're looking to build a team that will make all of those who are supporting Nfinite proud! #AndBeyond